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 A Harmony of the Gospels In Modern English: The Life of Jesus Christ
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The third edition of A Harmony of the Gospels in Modern English: The Life of Jesus Christ by Fred R. Coulter gives the reader an easy‑to‑understand, step‑by‑step account of the life of Jesus Christ. The message and purpose of the TRUE Jesus come alive throughout its pages. A new precise translation of the Scriptures conveys the full impact of the words of the Gospel writers.

Using the framework of the Hebrew Calendar, synchronized with the Julian Calendar, the true chronology of Jesus' life has been accurately depicted. The Scriptural and chronological facts reveal that Jesus was born in the fall of 5 BC ‑not on December 25 in I AD. He was crucified on the Passover day in the spring of 30 AD, and His body was in the tomb for three days and three nights ‑ a full 72 hours. He was resurrected at the end of the weekly Sabbath ‑ not at sunrise on Easter Sunday. The commentary sections that explain these facts are technically accurate and thoroughly researched in order to aid the serious Bible student and minister. These in‑depth commentaries include When Was Jesus Christ Born, The Sermon on the Mount, The Agony of the Crucifixion, Twenty‑eight Prophecies Fulfilled on the Crucifixion Day, The Day God Died, Jesus' Three Days and Three Nights of Entombment and the Resurrection and The Events on the First Day of the Week.

Graphically illustrated charts simplify such chronologically important events as The Birth of Jesus, Six Days Before Jesus' Last Passover, Jesus' Last Passover and The Three Days and Three Nights in the Tomb. Additional features include a synchronized Hebrew and Julian calendar, topical and Scriptural indices, a complete bibliography and strategically placed footnotes.

The flavor of the Holy Land has been captured through a unique combination of over 100 photographs, as well as original artwork depicting Jerusalem and the temple of the first century. Maps showing Jesus' journeys help the reader to "travel with Him." These features combine to make this the most complete harmony ever available.
 The Christian Passover
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The Christian Passover by Fred R. Coulter is a most revealing and in-depth study. It details the Scriptural and historical truths of the Passover in both Old Testament and New Testament, leading the reader step by step through every aspect of one of the most vital and fundamental teachings revealed in the Bible. It explains the true meaning of the terminology that is used in the Hebrew and Greek texts, making clear some greatly misunderstood Scriptural passages. By fully teaching the truth of God, it lays the ax to the religious deceptions of men, which are the accepted beliefs and practices of mainstream Christianity and Judaism. It exposes the folly of deceptive scholarship devised to perpetuate the religious traditions of men, which have buried the teachings of Jesus Christ and His commands for the Christian Passover under a mountain of confusion. Layer by layer, this book strips away the confusion in a systematic and relentless pursuit of Scriptural truth and understanding.

This book explains the fantastic meaning of the Christian Passover and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as the Passover Lamb of God in a most compelling, convincing and inspiring manner. The full meaning of the body and blood of Jesus Christ is revealed, showing the magnitude of God's love for every person, and His awesome plan and purpose for mankind. This exposition of the Christian Passover encompasses the entire gospel of Jesus Christ.

Never before has such a complete study of this subject been compiled into one book. Every Bible student, minister, theologian, and scholar needs to read The Christian Passover.
 The New Testament In Its Original Order: A Faithful Version With Commentary
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The New Testament In Its Original Order by Fred R. Coulter is a faithful modern English version of the New Testament, based upon the Stephens Text of 1550.

This new translation, The New Testament In Its Original Order—A Faithful Version With Commentary, has been produced because today, in these end times, we are confronted with the removal of God from the public conscience and the destruction of the Holy Bible—the Word of God— especially the New Testament! The foundation of Christianity is being subverted and corrupted with new translations that change the Word of God so dramatically, it is tantamount to destroying it.

 The Day Jesus the Christ Died
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Mel Gibson Did Not Present the Whole Truth In His Movie—The Passion of the Christ!

In his movie The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson failed to even mention the four most important facts about Jesus the Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection! He only presented the traditional Roman Catholic version of the passion and crucifixion. He did not present the full scriptural account of the Day Jesus the Christ Died. What did he miss?

1) The crucifixion did not take place on a Good Friday! It occurred on a Wednesday!
2) Why did Gibson never mention the true biblical name of the day Jesus the Christ was crucified? It was the Passover day—the prophesied day that Jesus the Christ would die for the sins of the world!
3) Jesus was in the tomb three full days and three full nights! Not two nights and one day!
4) Jesus was not raised from the dead on Easter Sunday! He arose on the weekly Sabbath!

Because Mel Gibson failed to present these fundamental crucial facts, he presented less than half of true scriptural account of the day Jesus the Christ died! You need to understand the full scriptural truth about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the Christ—the Savior of the world!

The book The Day Jesus the Christ Died, by Fred R. Coulter, reveals all the biblical truth about this day of destiny and Jesus’ resurrection—the rest of the story that Mel Gibson failed to include in his movie The Passion of the Christ. Order your free copy of this vital book, today!

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